Planet Picon Society and Culture


Picon is frequently described as a place where “Human Achievement bows to the Fury of the Storm”, reflecting the colony’s extensive infrastructure yet its constant threat from the intense storms that plague its oceans. Picon balances a modernized way of life with traditional Colonial practices.

Picon is a recognised global center of trade and as such generates an immense sum of money.


A majority of Piconese claim no religious affiliation, with most people professing a form of agnosticism or atheism. However, Poseidon is commonly worshiped as a patron. Piconese prayers and patronage include the saying “Calm Seas Today” or the printing of horses on Piconese money, which is Poseidon’s most beloved animal.

Legal System and Judiciary

Picon’s legal system is completely independent from the legal system of the Twelve Colonies. This action that was achievable when Picon agreed to drop the death penalty from its courts. Piconese courts are responsible for providing legal advice, criminal prosecution, civil representation, legal and policy drafting and reform, and international legal cooperation between different jurisdictions. Apart from prosecuting criminal cases, attorneys at the Justice Department act on behalf of the government in all civil and administrative lawsuits against the government. As protector of the public interest, the department may apply for judicial reviews and may intervene in any cases involving the greater public interest. The Grand Law protects the Department of Justice from any interference by the government when exercising its control over criminal prosecution.


Owing to its long history and consistent history, Picon is a colony which continues to enjoy a high degree of autonomy even after the establishment of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Picon is given deference as a special administrative region in all areas except defense and foreign affairs. This privilege is allowed due in part to Picon’s involvement with the Twelve Colonies. However, without federal backing and support, the extensive communication, shipbuilding, infrastructure and transportation systems would bankrupt Picon in months.


Picon’s transportation network is highly developed, using a system of monorails, ferries and aero-vessels. Over 90% of daily travels (48 million) utilize public transport; the highest percentage in the Twelve Colonies.

Provinces and Cities

  • Queenstown: Capital of Picon
  • Penrose Harbor located just outside of Queenstown
  • Muritolan (Piconian district or county equivalent; Pailyn is located in Muritolan)
  • Perkinston
  • Pailyn

Important Locations

  • Colonial Fleet Academy Picon Campus (one of the Colonies’ Service Academies)
  • Noyse Elementary School
  • Colonial Fleet Headquarters
  • Picon Laboratories (creator and distributor of medical supplies)

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