What we offer

So a FREE Fan Club devoted to the television show Battlestar Galactica sounds appealing; but why join the Cronus and not some other chapter?

Well for one thing, the Command Staff of the Cronus is made up of some of the most dedicated people in the Fleet and dare I even say it….. perhaps the organization! Our Commanding Officer, Rear Admiral Kevin Plummer, is available just about anytime he is awake (and from the looks of his posts, he does not sleep much!). All a crew member or anyone for that matter needs to do is message or email and him and they are assured that he will reply the moment he is able (note he does not text and drive among other exceptions).

But the great Command Staff is just the first thing! We have a growing list of assets and chapter activities for a potential member to be involved in. Here is just a PARTIAL listing:

You get all this and more!!!

Access to CMoD’s

  • Facebook Group
  • Discord Server
  • Warrior Academy Courses
Access to the Chapter’s

  • Well written and inclusive Crew Membership Manual
  • Interactive website with crew access only areas
  • Facebook Group
  • Dedicated E-Mail Discussion List
  • Very ACTIVE Discord server (multiple daily posts)
  • Fair rank promotion system that is strictly used
  • Weekly Crew Member “PAYDAYS” (virtual money) based on your rank and ship duties
  • Daily opportunities to pull “An Extra Duty” for additional “income”
  • Ship’s online commissary to “spend” your “pay”
  • Ship’s online casino to do a bit of gambling
Access to Fleet’s

  • Facebook Group
  • Discord Server

All this and so much more with new ideas added all the time!!!

What are you waiting for?!?! JOIN!!!