Planet Picon History


Picon was founded by the followers of Poseidon from the Piscera Galleon around 168 CE.

Although its origins derived from a shipping and fisheries industry, Picon developed into one of the strongest military superpowers of the Colonies before unification. Picon’s military muscle dated back to the civil wars and its bitter rivalries with Caprica and Scorpia.

Colony Wars

At first, it looked as if Caprica would have the upper hand, controlling the largest stockpile of iron ore. Then, it ran out, leveling the playing field, igniting tensions between the worlds.

The fighting heated up then and it looked like Picon and Caprica would beat each other senseless with Scorpia goading them along. That is, until Scorpia was struck hard by the worst thing imaginable: an allied fleet between Picon and Caprica. Though after thirty-years of intense fighting all three sides soon backed down; the fighting became mostly academic and cultural. Scorpia quickly found itself unable to keep up with the technological gap among the inner Colonies and its place in the Colonies suffered as well.

To save itself from ruin the Scorpians signed an exclusive shipbuilding contract with Picon to create much of Scorpia’s naval units. The only place where the rivalry between Scorpia and Picon remained was on the Pyramid Court. There, Leonis showed their prowess every season. More often than not Picon claimed victory.

Picon thrived. Its alliance with Caprica and Scorpia made it the centerpiece of the Colonial military. Ultimately, the Piconese were happy to leave the politics to others, so long as control of the military stayed with them. Their culture has always emphasized strong leadership and military professionalism; making them excellent Colonial Fleet officers, pilots, and marines. This expertise makes them feel most comfortable. Having sailed the wide oceans covering most of Picon’s surface since the colony’s inception, they are no-nonsense, traditional, naval sons and daughters. Piconese focus and tradition cannot be duplicated.

Picon is a superb trading partner among the Colonies making it a very wealthy system. Due to its heightened economic stature, pirates became a major problem along trading routes and consequently Picon created a military fleet second only to that of Caprica, but only mildly.

The Piconese military might was demonstrated to the Colonies when it successfully invaded and captured Sagittaron in the 37 years before the Cylon War. Sagittaron’s occupation was ended as a goodwill gesture before the signing of the Articles of Colonization. However, most of the Sagittaron government was rife with corruption.

Colonial Unification

After the unification of the Twelve Colonies, Picon became the Colonial military hub. As such, Picon became the headquarters for the Colonial Fleet with the homebase being named Picon Fleet Command.

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