Picon Fleet Lore

Picon is a turquoise planet in the Helios Alpha star system with a population of ± 1.400.000.000. The planet is mainly covered by water (75% versus 25% land) and famous for its harbors. It is also well-known for its brilliant military commanders and keen navigators. Officially called the United Republics of Picon, it is the military command center and the largest supplier in the Twelve Colonies. It is considered to have the most efficient, cooperative, and responsive democracy in the colonies

The leading educational facility is the Colonial Fleet Academy Picon (one of the Colonies’ Service Academies). The campus often is visited by the planet’s professional Pyramid team called the Picon Panthers. As such, many articles about the campus and the Panthers are featured in the Picon Star Tribune which is one of Picon’s leading publications.

An up and coming industry on Picon is actually the film industry and many Colonial films and TV series are filmed on Picon. This is largely due to Picon offering huge tax incentives for companies in the film industry that choose Picon as their filming location.

During the second Cylon attack, The Rising Star was the last of the ships to leave Picon and eventually find its way to join the Battlestar Galactica and other ships that made up the “Ragtag Fleet.”

The Picon Fleet heraldry pictured above incorporates many elements from the beliefs of the planet’s population. Picon is religiously attributed to the God Poseidon, so the heraldry of course has several elements related to him. The spear, a symbol of a warrior, resides on the left of the ribbon. Opposed on the right are 3 curvy lines which represent waves, and a symbol for water which was the kingdom of Poseidon. Centered is the astrological symbol for Pisces. The trident was carried by Poseidon and said to have magical powers. Added to this image are the 3 stars representing the three orbital stations of the Colonial Fleet in the planet’s orbit. Below each are the words that comprise the Picon Fleet motto; STRONG, BRAVE, HUMBLE.