Want to know more?

First and foremost, we are a chapter of a Battlestar Galactica Fan Club called the Colonial Ministry of Defense (CMoD link provided in the site footer). We appreciate the fandom of the various television series, the 3 hour pilot movie, the 2 hour theater release, and the fan made productions that came to being after the show was canceled.

Connected to this menu item on our chapter’s website are various pages that will give you plenty of details about what our chapter is, what we have to offer you as a potential member, and the types of things we do.

Just remember the pages only offer a partial listing. The Cronus Rear Admiral Plummer and the Command Staff he has assembled does not believe in resting on our laurels and we are constantly looking for new and creative ways for the crew members to be engaged and participate in our activities. Maybe that is where you will come in if you join us; perhaps you will be the Colonial Warrior to suggest the next great adventure for our ship!!!

This chapter is dedicated to Glen A Larkin and the people that made the vision come to life on the screen for us all to enjoy!