Mercury Class Stats

The Mercury Class (Block 2)

The bulk of a battlestar and can be divided into three sections:

  • The fore section: Also known as the “alligator head”, contains much of the living and crew areas, including the CIC, War Room, Observation deck, pilot’s rec room, Sickbay, crew quarters, comfort facilities, and numerous airlocks. This section also includes the main water tanks, and water transfer hatches.
  • The mid section: Contains the main flight decks, flight pod retraction mechanisms, and service areas for the transfer of planes and pilots from flight pod, to flight pod. This section also houses the main gun batteries, missile launch tubes and support systems, and corresponding ammunition stores.
  • The stern section: Contains the ship’s engine pods, FTL drives, and engineering facilities needed to maintain the ship’s propulsion.


  • OVERALL: 2,006.68m (6,583.58’)
  • FLIGHT POD (EA): 1,001.84m (3,286.87’)


  • OVERALL: 793.34m (2,602.82’)
  • FLIGHT POD (EA): 194.62m (638.52’)


  • OVERALL: 319.26m (1,047.44’)
  • FLIGHT POD (EA): 124.70m (454.78’)

WEIGHT: ~33,042,070.17mt (~32,525,787.82lt)

ARGO CAPACITY: ~1,901,189.34mt (~1,871,483.26lt)

DURATION: 7 years @ standard rations/supplies.

OPERATIONAL DURATION: 10 years @ standard usage


  • MAIN POWER: Krenshaw-Olnax TM-2C Dual-Tylium Fusion Reactor (2)
  • AUXILIARY POWER: Dyson-Atkins XJ-32/F Dideuterium-Monoxide Fuel Plant (2)
  • EMERGENCY POWER: CMEPS65 Lithium-Ion Batteries (400 Banks @ 50/bank)
    • OPERATIONAL DURATION: 400 hours @ standard expected usage
  • OPERATIONAL DURATION: 15 years @ standard usage


      • Kyeser K7-04 Sub-Light Engines (8)
      • Kyeser K10-17 Bow-mounted Forward Arrest Thrusters (2)
      • Hwacha RT9-B/14 Reaction Control System (RCS) (48 in 12 quad mounts)
      • Celestus D-Class FTL Drive (2)
      • RANGE: 186.8 billion km / 116.1 billion mi / 250 SU

    2,600 which includes up to 120 passengers (passengers are not normally embarked).

    FLEET: 2,215

    • OFFICERS: 540
    • ENLISTED: 1,675

    (Includes 390 officers and 850 enlisted personnel assigned to the Air Wing.)

    MARINE: 265

    • OFFICERS: 15
    • ENLISTED: 250

    Some Brief History

    During the 15 years the Block 01 Mercury Class Battlestar was constructed, the ships were exceedingly popular, and coveted, assignments for members of the Colonial Fleet. But, nature abhors a vacuum and technology has always been an ever-changing and usually advancing force.

    So it was that at the end of the initially authorized construction run, the decision was made to make some upgrades to the class using technological advances that had come about in the previous decade. And so, the Block 02 Mercury Class Battlestar was authorized to begin construction in 2029.

    From the exterior there is no visible difference in the Block 01 and Block 02 Mercury Class; the upgrades made were not that drastic. Improvements to the class’ computer networks provided greater ease of function and coordination. In addition, the Block 02 featured improved Electronic Counter-Measures and Communications Suites. While still utilizing 8 sub-light engines, the upgraded engines on the Block 02 Mercury Class provided greater, and more efficient, thrust. Improvements were also made to the FTL Drives, allowing for a greater maximum jump range. These improvements actually led to greater internal space, which allowed for an expansion of both the ship’s air wing and berthing spaces. As more and more of the Mercury (Block 02) Class Battlestars came on-line, they quickly eclipsed their Block 01 sisters as the most coveted assignments in the fleet.

    Other Mercury Class Battlestars

    Between 2029 and 2041, fifty Mercury Class (Block 02) Battlestars were constructed. Below is a partial list of Block 02 Mercury Class Battlestars constructed, or under construction, at the time of The Fall in 2041 and their status if known.

    The status of each ship after the Fall is detailed according to the colors below:

    GREEN ships managed to survive.

    BLUE ships are presumed destroyed.

    RED ships are confirmed destroyed.

    [table id=1 /]