Battlestar Cronus update:

Welcome to a world trying to figure out what it will look like post COVID…. While the world is in turmoil for everything from plague to tensions and fears of a real war between nations, the Cronus is doing quite well!

We are a bit behind on a few Discord server upgrades especially those related to our Commissary channel; but we have been growing our grew in record numbers and have taken the position of the largest Battlestar in the Picon Fleet blowing past all other ships there. The Cronus now looks at the Ministry as a whole and is determined to become the largest ship in the Ministry and a shining example for the other ships to look up to and emulate.

Not only have we been busy growing though, but the crew of the Cronus has continued to win award after award from both Fleet and HQ levels. Our members far exceed the norm and strive to really get the most out of their membership and trust me, their efforts do not go unnoticed by the Cronus Command Staff or the Colonial Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

If you are still considering joining this FREE fan organization, then you owe it to yourself to seriously consider the Cronus as your home.