This is BS-30 the Battlestar Cronus

The “Pride of the Picon Fleet!!!”

One of the newest Mercury Class Battlestars to join the Picon Fleet and we have been recognized with many individual, Fleet, and International level awards since our commissioning!!! This is the chapter to put at the top of your list when considering to join the Colonial Ministry of Defense Fan Club….

Membership is FREE !!!

That’s right absolutely FREE!!! How often do you find a Fan Organization that can make that claim these days??? And all memberships are LIFETIME!!!

We are International !!!

We do request that you be able to speak English however as we are not able to provide translations services.

All communications via DISCORD !!!

Our DISCORD is active every day! You will not only be able to interact with the crew but also get Battlestar Galactica related news!!!


This is who threatens the existence of humanity.

Know your enemy.